Fly, Fly, Butterfly….

SheIn(sheinside) Yellow Point Toe Ankle Strap Butterfly Pumps

HAH! My love for shoes and everything alike found me a new obsession…..

These Yellow Point Toe Ankle Strap Butterfly Pumps are divine in their own way.The small butterfly cut-outs at the ends makes the whole look playful.No doubt, they’ll look great with bodycon dresses.




Beauty And The Black

I will stop wearing black when they invent a darker color…..

Black is a happy shade with no negativity in its presence.The color’s been associated with death for quite a few centuries but I guess it will be a better proposition relate it with life.Black has no regrets being fashion’s silhouette.Taking inspiration from the color,this post aims to justify the beauty in black.

Preowned Balmain Black Blazer With Silver Buttons
Saint Laurent Leather biker jacket

The look I’m trying to portray speaks for itself in an edgy and desirous manner.Going for coats and blazers which feast on black is a smart move.They cover for short bodies and fat bellies.Leather jackets are more towards the sporty side while blazers are in the soigné team.

LE3NO Womens Stretchy Solid Leggings

Nothing great but everything good with those leggings.Not much attention has been given to this part of clothing because it is just as good plain as something else.That snug fit perfectly balances out the overcoat’s effect.Simple yet astounding.

Versace Leather Mini Shoulder Bag

It has once again been proved that Versace is a good reason for existing on this planet.This mini shoulder leather bag tops the must-haves chart this month.The definite rectangular shape denotes sleekness and the leather shine characterizes a neat approach to formal clothing.

Jeffrey Campbell Seymour Black Oxford Shoes
Shoe goals! Seriously girl, a nice pair of oxford shoes is all that you need to conquer this world.Perhaps,the best example of boring made interesting.They give that old English look to your entire ensemble.A BIG thumbs up!
House of Harlow 1960 Arrow Affair Midi Ring

Minimal and smart accessorising is the perfect choice. Black blends perfectly with silver, so try going for silver-studded jewellery.A nice pair of shades and a sassy wrist watch can be added to your bold look.


Martina Todorova (10 photos)
Mascara   (clipped to
Not much for the make-up part besides a smudgy eye affair. Hair can be kept open or on the contrary, one can go for a sleek hairdo.And that’s it. Wait! There’s more you can add to your bold look (that’s where your creativity comes in!). If you have some ideas that you feel should be featured here then do let me know!

Floral Classics

Femininity is the ultimate form of sophistication.When combined with fortitude will give the world its ideal woman.

Previously, I’ve done posts on bold attires which involved cut-short dresses or tight skinny pants.But this time I’ve decided to keep femininity as the theme because it is one language which is understood by all womankind.Floral prints in light shades are a great way to pull off the sweet girl look these days as they don’t make your ensemble look over-done.Moreover, a little pinch of casual elegance never killed anybody!




Oh That Bag!

Michael Kors Collection Miranda Large Bucket Bag
Polyvore is one good place to find such over-lovable items! We definitely need more of these things in life instead of the  usual crap we deal with.Though the large size gives the feeling that it’ll hamper your doings,but in reality it doesn’t even come close to that!Neatness and simplicity define its existence and like any other Michael Kors’ creation has scads of vogue…..



We need more mouths to say things like this.Denim is still playing king in the fashion world and I don’t think that it’ll go off anytime soon.Moreover,denim is like fine wine,it only gets better with age.What’s interesting is that people all around the world consider denim as a symbol of democracy and that’s when fashion enters politics…….

I had been wanting to feature this winsome piece of fabric since a long time and have finally got the opportunity to do so.I decided to keep this creation simple because denim is best when left alone and says a lot in its own way {no stupid agglomerations}.

SheIn(sheinside) Blue Lapel Bleached Denim Shirt Dress
The right kinda denim is all that a girl needs to conquer the world.The latest right-kinda-denim can be  found in this Blue Lapel bleached denim shirt dress.The button down style and the 3-quarter length balance out perfectly. If your dress has full sleeves,roll them up to a good extent-looks dead kicky!
Opting for a lighter shade of old faded denim over a darker one is better when you’re accessorising the ensemble with brown.
Burberry Shoes & Accessories Suede Ankle Boots
My love for suede has gone to an entirely new level, especially after seeing these ankle booties……Coming back to our little high talk,selecting brown (as an enhancer for your outfit) is a smart decision as it separates out from the set and shifts all attention on the blue of your denim.Buckles don’t upset me either!
Michael Kors Tenby Leather Crossbody, Brown
You can’t buy happiness but you can buy bags,especially crossbody purses!This Micheal Kors Tenby leather sling is all that you need for your socially informal parties.Its sharp & smart built is yet another factor that makes it more likable by the second.
Michael Kors Bar & Arrow Double Chain Pendant Necklace Accessories
Bracelet   (see more black jewelry)


Try junk accessories with your outfit to maintain the cool quotient.Fancy going for copper or silver metallic shades to ebb out the debonairity of the dress and produce a much bolder effect.

Beauty product


Borghese Five-Piece Vivid Eyes Makeup Set
Love 21 Volume & Length Mascara

Keep your make up simple and sophisticated.Such kind of rig-outs are devoid of any slaps.Nudes go best in these cases and and the idea of a good mascara or a kohl stick is beaut.

Hair styling tool


Hair is best manageable when in a bun-said every girl with anti-short hair policy.

I say the same.

You should too.

Anyways,this sample of a messy bun is the perfect soulmate for your denim dress.Its easy and simplicity compliment the theme of your outfit and fits perfectly in the scenario too.Some additional tips: No need to hurry while finishing your look(denim is patient so take your time).The final point is that denim is a love that never fades.In fact denim is more than that, it’s a way of life…….



Peplum Tales.

Where they went,nobody knows.I hardly see ladies in a peplum attire these days.But there was a time(not long ago)when peplum used to rule the fashion world.From Alexander McQueen to Elie Saab everyone used to incorporate peplums in their work.Not that they don’t do it anymore,but people have started losing interest in peplums.If you ask me, they still stand out in the fashion industry.

Take the peplum skirt from the featured image(top) as an example.This little skirt is more snazzy than I’ll ever be.And trust me, even if you’re not a model, the skirt makes you look and feel like one.I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but I also think that a peplum brings out a snobbish version of the wearer.

Some more peplum skirts my heart craves for…

Roksanda Calder felted wool skirt
Crossover Peplum Skirt


Givenchy Ruffled Peplum Skirt
If one is looking for an even more appealing look,then one should definitely go for peplum gowns.Elegance and finess are the defining characters of peplum dresses.There is no room for explanation as the attire speaks for itself……..
Pilot Madelyn Sleeveless Peplum Dress
Finally, take a look at this peplum set I created………

Rough Tough Soldier

Yup! That’s what I chose to name this post.

Anyways this is my second creation and it already feels exhausting(phew!).I’m telling you, the amount effort that goes in every single creation is unimaginable.But then as long as you love this job it doesn’t matter.

Coming back to the post,I guess it’s pretty obvious what kinda style it signifies..It is the latest trend among those flashy models elite fashion communities.It is in outfits like there where people find style & comfort.So technically everyone on Earth LOVES this stuff.The best thing about this set is that there is something for everyone here.Be it those cat fight pants or that cardigan worn as a top.Yes! that’s a cardigan. Didn’t cross your mind na?

Women Checked Winter Knitted Jumper Cape Cardigan


So what if it’s not an actual top?Doesn’t mean that we can’t wear it like one.After all fashion bends all rules.This checked jumper cape cardigan could do wonders for you!The brown gives a rough tough effect while the XL layout looks just fabulous.I know it’s a bit dull but for once at least avoid giving too much attention to your upper body.

Tripp NYC Cat Fight Pants


GOD EXISTS! I had not believed in him until I saw this pair of cat fight pants….Okay enough drama.I can’t guarantee the level of comfort in those stretched pieces of cloth. But take my advice-this baby is totally worth spending your money on.However, before buying, try them out because they may not look good on you if yours is a curvy body-type.This is one fashion statement that I place in the ‘must have’ category which you can’t possibly ignore.

Tom Ford Open-Toe Suede Ankle Boots
Now those boots are literally life goals………It’s sad how little importance we give to suede in our lives when it is something that goes with everything.The zipper can be avoided(not much flattering) and if you sweat a lot then these might not be a good choice.
Burberry Zip Detail Bucket Tote



Live life tote size.It sounds stupid but it’s true. Somehow it gives your hands something to hold onto and saves you from that awkward ‘where-to-place-my-hands’ posture.The straps give it a sturdy body language  and the cowboy brown is the reason behind it’s boldness.Furthermore it’s a Burberry and that is where our discussion should end!
Lifestyle For Him Ray-Ban Black Clubmaster Sunglasses


Marlin Birna Atlantic Salmon Leather Pendant - Stainless Steel With Jet Black


Movado Brila Black Dial Black PVD Stainless Steel Ladies Watch
And now is the time to accessorize your outfit with junk jewellery pieces.They look smart and easily go with any of your ensembles.But the theory of ‘less is more’ should be kept in mind because honey your not a jewelled up showpiece! Avoid bangles or at the most wear bracelets.Some nice tops for your ears won’t be a bad idea.A felt hat could be your on a bad hair day.


In the end add a LITTLE make up to your look.Just a little bit of nude colours here and there would do.For lips, try a lighter shade if red is not your cup of tea.(It’s difficult to don a red lipstick with ease and swag!). However in your desperate bid to use minimal make-up don’t do injustice to your eyes.A bit of mascara will do (and if your an expert with eye make-up go for smoky eyes!).Keep your hair open(perhaps a bit ruffled up) to go in accordance with your theme.
Finally you’re ready to take over the world with your appealing look!