Elegance Well Defined

We all are well acquainted to that teenage phase where every piece of clothing we own is either tattered or cut short for the sake of coolness.But as we grow up this wildness is tamed with time and before we know it, we’ve entered the world of elegance and grace.Now, however boring it may sound,you cannot deny the breathless effect an elegant dress has on you.

Consider this outfit.Perfect for a formal evening dinner party.While the black & gold match look serene, the look is completed with the presence of screaming red.

While creating this ensemble, I found a beautiful set of fabric and eventually  couldn’t pull my eyes off it.The skirt in itself shows remarkable demeanor and the top,with its broad shoulders,defines elegance.

Fame&Partners Two Piece Off Shoulder Black Chanel Dress

Charlotte Olympia 'Chantale' suede block heel platform sandals


Clearly, avoiding a pair of heels with that dress is a punishable crime!Try these suede block heel platforms or you could also opt for something else.But don’t forget-the more feminine your heels look,the better.those peep toes add to the playfulness of the whole thing.

Nancy Gonzalez Small Double-Flap Clutch Bag

I don’t know but for some reason,I have always preferred the combination of black & gold rather than black & white.It is a clever decision to go for a clutch instead of some other handbag because in a dress like that,there would be many more things to handle than just a purse and you surely don’t want to mess it all up!

Maria Black Fooled Heart Ring  BISJOUX Cleo Collar Necklace Jana Reinhardt Jewellery Golden Wing Earrings

Try going for minimal jewellery to keep it simple.Too many ornaments will only give the impression that you’re heavily desperate to showcase every single piece of knick-knack you own.If you’re a person with a long neck you can let your neck do all the talking.Wear a statement necklace and pair it with either small-sized earrings or ear-cuffs.If you’re neck fails at being a giraffe make sure you give more attention to your ears.Even better if you go for a headband.

Mac Mac Red Satin Satin Lipstick


Lancôme mascara



Gucci Full Look Beauty Set

Now since you’ve opted for a dress so young, it’s best to keep the make up young as well.Try staying away from maroon or any other dark shade.I’ll again say that going for bright shades like red (or perhaps what I call as screaming red) will give the right amount of enhancement to your face.Selecting heavily lidded eyebrows is a good eye-dia (hehe!).

Hair styling tool


Finally let’s talk hair.I say it’s best you pin it up in a loose bun with side braids.There’s no point in letting them down and concealing those lovely ear-cuffs.Make sure that you’re hair is washed and well combed(after all it’s a loose bun and not a messy one right?)                    LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST- Now,the only thing that remains to worn is your charming bright smile and your confident attitude.Don’t ever forget these!






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