Beauty And The Black

I will stop wearing black when they invent a darker color…..

Black is a happy shade with no negativity in its presence.The color’s been associated with death for quite a few centuries but I guess it will be a better proposition relate it with life.Black has no regrets being fashion’s silhouette.Taking inspiration from the color,this post aims to justify the beauty in black.

Preowned Balmain Black Blazer With Silver Buttons
Saint Laurent Leather biker jacket

The look I’m trying to portray speaks for itself in an edgy and desirous manner.Going for coats and blazers which feast on black is a smart move.They cover for short bodies and fat bellies.Leather jackets are more towards the sporty side while blazers are in the soigné team.

LE3NO Womens Stretchy Solid Leggings

Nothing great but everything good with those leggings.Not much attention has been given to this part of clothing because it is just as good plain as something else.That snug fit perfectly balances out the overcoat’s effect.Simple yet astounding.

Versace Leather Mini Shoulder Bag

It has once again been proved that Versace is a good reason for existing on this planet.This mini shoulder leather bag tops the must-haves chart this month.The definite rectangular shape denotes sleekness and the leather shine characterizes a neat approach to formal clothing.

Jeffrey Campbell Seymour Black Oxford Shoes
Shoe goals! Seriously girl, a nice pair of oxford shoes is all that you need to conquer this world.Perhaps,the best example of boring made interesting.They give that old English look to your entire ensemble.A BIG thumbs up!
House of Harlow 1960 Arrow Affair Midi Ring

Minimal and smart accessorising is the perfect choice. Black blends perfectly with silver, so try going for silver-studded jewellery.A nice pair of shades and a sassy wrist watch can be added to your bold look.


Martina Todorova (10 photos)
Mascara   (clipped to
Not much for the make-up part besides a smudgy eye affair. Hair can be kept open or on the contrary, one can go for a sleek hairdo.And that’s it. Wait! There’s more you can add to your bold look (that’s where your creativity comes in!). If you have some ideas that you feel should be featured here then do let me know!

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