I’m finally back after a LONG gap! No excuses, no busy schedules just a genuinely long study gap which repaid me well so I’m at it again! My happy place.

This post is dedicated to all those women out there carrying themselves effortlessly without being extra.Effortless dressing has its own advantages.It takes less than 15 mins to pull off this look and yet you manage to look presentable.It’s a lifesaver for today’s generation.

Let’s take a closer look at this style.

Starting off with this turtle neck sweater. I’ve always had a liking for them.They carve out the shape of your chest so well almost giving you muscles that toned vibe.I chose the color grey because the theme of the ensemble is very cool and laid back.Such shades are trendy during monsoons.However during summers or spring you can also go for more brighter and eye catching shades like orange,maroon etc.

What’s laid back dressing without a pair of comfortable distressed jeans? Well, the label says ‘Rag and Bone’ distressed denim so I’m assuming the pair has been worn out completely but nonetheless it’s comfort depends upon the wearer.

Ahh so clean! I wonder how long they would stay like that in my closet? But the point is, the search for comfortable footwear made a halt at slip-ons. They’re literally the best thing you could own in all seasons except rains.I like their sturdy soles which really supports a flat footed person like me.Moreover there’s no lace tying which automatically appeals to me.

SMALL.MANAGEABLE.HAIR.IS.THE.BEST. No joking,my mood just changes from season to season.But since we’re going for a more settled look this time, why not keep you hair short? It’s easy to maintain and in the latest trend books.But if you have a strict long hair policy, just try to keep it natural.Trust me, your hair looks the best that way.


Accessorise your look MINIMALLY this time.Just the necessities and try not to go overboard with them.Remember, you’re outfit should never come in the way of your productivity.Rather it should aid your work.


I put make up last in the line because practically you don’t really need it with this look. I’ve just selected a theme that would give you the touch ups and enhance your skin tones. Bobby Brown’s creamy concealer, some mascara and a nude shade for your lips is just perfect.This way you won’t go extra and yet give nice base tones to your face.

And now that I’ve given you this lifesaver look, go on and experiment.You can also bring your ideas to me!




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